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Godlikeproductions BAN of Ozark Granny

granny1Yes, I really am an Ozark Granny!

In 2006 I found, what has been termed as, a conspiracy forum called Godlikeproductions or GLP.  In 2016 I was banned from that ‘conspiracy forum’ … Talk about a CONSPIRACY!

While I have always been a rational and logical thinker, I had a gut feeling, since 9/11 that something was terribly wrong with our country. I figured the best way to understand was to start examining the conspiracy theories, as maybe there was some truth to them.

I have to say, I went down the rabbit hole; deeply.  I started sifting through information about the, unanswered, questions of 9/11.  It lead me to research Freemasonry and a plethora of other subjects.  Admittedly, some of the information was clearly ‘out there’. I had to learn to be discerning.  I am an adult, I do not need the nightly anchor man or woman to tell me what is going on in our world.  After all, who are they to tell me how to think, especially since they did not tell us the true news of 9/11.  I found there is way too much, creatable, information to accept the main stream version, especially when there was a potential that this was a manipulated event to benefit the ‘few’.

Amazingly, GLP had tens of thousands of posters.  It was not like in the beginning days of the Internet with .alt forums.  GLP took the .alt forums and put the topics in a user friendly format, much like Facebook has done, they have commercialised it, in a sense. Because now everyone can use the Internet. And because there were so many users, information flowed like the honey.  Some of it good, some silly, some wild, some nasty, some hateful.  But it is the human mind and spirit that will sift through the information to separate the wheat from chaff, to understand what is real or not.  As we are the only captains of our ship.

In 2008, when 0bama announced his candidacy, I became very concerned for America.  As I remember, from local news from our sister state of Illinois, the “senator from Kenya” … At that time, I knew enough about my U.S. Constitution to know that he could not be president, as he was foreign born.  As well during this time, our U.S. Senator, Claire McCaskill started her campaign as the talking head for 0bama.

During this time GLP, or rather the folks that make up GLP, helped me understand a lot of issues and gave me even MORE concern about this fellow.  0bama did not help, at all, by hiding information about his birth, education, background … you know, most things Americans get to know about their president!  GLP helped shed light on these issues.  My concern became grave as I started to realize that our nation had been deceived.

In 2010 I became so concerned I joined a group called Oath Keepers.  I am a U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam era veteran. I took an oath to defend our U.S. Constitution, as did most of its members.  We believe in our oaths, but we have to see the enemy to defend, as it is difficult fighting a, seemingly, invisible foe.  And the more I learned from Oath Keepers made me know that I did not know my U.S. Constitution, as I should, as any American should! I also served on the national forum as one of their moderators for the state of Missouri.  Through that association I learned of the National Liberty Alliance, and bookmarked it for later, constitution, study.  As I was still working during this time of my life, building the Internet, and did not have the time I needed to invest into this study. More about these groups later, as I was just giving background information.

I have never been one to menace words, and have always ‘questioned authority’.  It started at an early age, when girls were not allowed to wear pants to high school. I lived on a farm, and it snowed! Those darn mini-skirts were not meant for gals.  I was the first to be expelled for wearing pants to school!  But at least during this time I was getting an education, one that has not been diluted as our educational system is today. Which, I believe, is an ongoing assault on our children today!

But back to my GLP Ban …

I really started noticing the change of our AC during 2015.  For folks that are not familiar with GLP, an AC is someone that choose to interact anonymously, often called a coward.  Here is the funny issue, I was ashamed to tell folks I followed GLP, for fear of what one might think of me. But the fact was I was just sharing information, I could choose to believe or not in the topic.  Remember, I am an American adult, that had the very same common sense to serve her country, during a time when men were dodging the draft!

And just a note, GLP is not the first forum I have been ban from.  I have been ban from the Oath Keepers forum, where I was moderator for five years.  Even though I resigned, my membership was still paid.  But my first initial ban was from our local newspaper forum … which is now owned by Warren Buffet!


I am not aggressive, nor do I use foul language, I am there for the pure and unadulterated truth; only.  I understand forum etiquette, I am a former Marine I know protocol has been, literally, drilled into me! I have not given any reason to be ban from these forums.  In fact, at the time of my Oath Keeper ban, I was a paying member. In fact, at the time of my GLP ban, I was a paying member. At the time of my DailyJournal ban, I used my REAL NAME. So what is up with this? 


Granny has a hunch she knows!

We could really start seeing during the LaVoy Finicum murder.

The coverup of the LaVoy Finicum murder

On the GLP forum, if truth was stated regarding this event, we would get what we called as the ‘one-star’ bandits.  These folks trolled the threads anonymously and distorted the facts of the incidentIt was amazing how much pressure that they would apply to try to stop the flow of information!  This was so wrong, on so many levels as well as it was a clear heads up that there was a game at play. The murder of LaVoy was clearly motivated to get him to stop speaking about our Constitution and the unconstitutional theft of land! Those men that stood with him are still in prison today! And from what I have been reading are not getting fair and lawful treatment.  How can this be? What has happened to our nation and its ‘rule of law’? Maybe the Marine Corps brainwashed me, during those days at Parris Island, but I DO have an oath to the U.S. Constitution and to God. And so does EVERY veteran and active duty personnel.  And so does EVERY politician that was elected to represent us. And so does EVERY police officer.  So why aren’t these folks honoring their oaths? Has this evil usurped every patriot and group? And I call it evil, what else could it be? It turns ones oath to God away from God.

Back to the GLP ban …

Since January of this year, GLP has had ‘Trumpmania‘ … It truly was obnoxious, and I mean that in the most sincere way … OBNOXIOUS!

It seemed as if the LaVoy AC’s had found a new home and there was a new game at play. The game rules were to alienate the opposition of Trump, to make Trump appear as the hero; when in fact he is far from it!  And if one would voice the truth, they would be, literally, chastised.  Thus, the reason for the ban is that Granny ticked of the moderator known as ChipHe sent her threatening red karma, that was vial and I will not repeat, and banned me from the forum. I used the GLP email and sent a copy of the karma comment to Phennommennonn and I emailed This morning I am able to ‘see’ GLP as an AC and post as an AC, but it will not allow me to login to my account.  This is sad to me as I have folks that I really enjoy hearing their take on issues of not only what is going on in our world today, but spiritual issues; as well.

As I have come to learn it is an elaborate game, with many moving parts and, I believe, it has to do with the subversion and fall of our nation. It has to do with the take down of our Internet, partially and maybe.  I am not sure what Ted Cruz is up to, in regards to saving,the Internet … but I do know he has muddied the waters!

Senator Cruz and his Internet ‘doomsday’ clock

Here is the conspiracy theory to analyze is ‘social media’ manipulating opinion towards a specific agenda?

Please folks, I truly am an Ozark Granny, help me out and wake up as many folks as you can.  I am doing all I can do, including running for local office, we have to set our country back on its path, back on God’s path!

AND watch the ‘patriot’ themed groups you associate with, these darn shills are everywhere! I am not saying all are, nor am I including the membership … but maybe, and most likely, key roles.

I say this to Senator Cruz:

Don’t just save the Internet, save our Constitution!