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Fomalhaut aka Imset aka Nibiru

Fomalhaut aka Imset, one of the four Royal Stars, is rising in the South!

Fomalhaut b, also known as Dagon, is a confirmed,directly imaged extrasolar object and candidate planet orbiting the A-type main-sequence star Fomalhaut, approximately 25 light-years away in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus. The object was initially announced in 2008 and confirmed as real in 2012 from images taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on the Hubble Space Telescope and, according to calculations reported in January 2013, has a 1,700-year, highly elliptical orbit. It has a periastron of 7.4 billion km (~50 AU) and an apastron of about 44 billion km (~300 AU). As of May 25, 2013 it is 110 AU from its parent star.


Etymology and cultural significance
Fomalhaut has had various names ascribed to it through time and has been recognized by many cultures of the northern hemisphere, including the Arabs, Persians and Chinese. It marked the solstice in 2500 BC. It was also a marker for the worship of Demeter in Eleusis.
It was called Hastorang by the Persians, one of the four “royal stars“.
The Latin names are ōs piscis merīdiāni, ōs piscis merīdionālis, ōs piscis notii “the mouth of the Southern Fish”.
The name Difda al Auwel comes from the colloquial Arabic الضفدع الأول aḍ-ḍifdiˤ al-’awwal “the first frog” (the second frog is Beta Ceti).
The Chinese name 北落師門/北落师门 (Mandarin: Běiluòshīmén) meaning North Gate of the Military Camp, because this star is marking itself and stand alone in North Gate of the Military Camp asterism, Encampment mansion (see : Chinese constellation).[53] 北落师门 (Běiluòshīmén) westernized into Pi Lo Sze Mun in R.H. Allen’s work.
To the Moporr Aboriginal people of South Australia, it is a masculine being called Buunjill. The Wardaman people of the Northern Territory called Fomalhaut Menggen —white cockatoo.
Fomalhaut/Earthwork B in Mounds State Park near Anderson, Indiana, lines up with the rising of the star Fomalhaut in the fall months, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. In 1980, astronomer Jack Robinson proposed that the rising azimuth of Fomalhaut was marked by cairn placements at both the Bighorn and Moose Mountain Medicine Wheels in Wyoming, USA and Saskatchewan, Canada, respectively.
The New Scientist magazine termed it the “Great Eye of Sauron” due to its shape and debris ring, when viewed from a distance, bearing similarity to the aforementioned “Eye” in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films.
In Walter Tevis’ novel Steps of the Sun, Fomalhaut is visited by the protagonist and two potentially inhabitable planets are found (and described). Parts of Philip K Dick’s novel Lies, Inc (originally titled The Unteleported Man) are set on the fictional planet Fomalhaut IX. Ursula K. Le Guin’s first novel Rocannon’s World is also set on a fictional planet in the Fomalhaut system.

Royal stars

[In astrology, the Royal Stars of Persia are Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. They were regarded as the guardians of the sky in approximately 3000 BCE during the time of the Ancient Persians in the area of modern-day Iran. The Persians believed that the sky was divided into four districts with each district being guarded by one of the four Royal Stars. The stars were believed to hold both good and evil power and the Persians looked upon them for guidance in scientific calculations of the sky, such as the calendar and lunar/solar cycles, and for predictions about the future.

“In Egyptian mythology, Imset (also transcribed Imseti, Amset, Amsety, Mesti, and Mesta) is a funerary deity, one of the Four sons of Horus, who are associated with the canopic jars, specifically the one that contained the liver. Unlike his brothers, Imset is not associated with any animal and is always depicted as human. Isis is considered his protector, and is himself considered patron of the direction of the south.

Hubble peers into the Great Eye of Sauron

Spectacular dust ring surrounds ‘whale’s mouth’ star

Astronomers at the University of California, Berkeley, and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center have released a rather remarkable Hubble image of a ring of dust around star Fomalhaut, described by New Scientist as resembling “the Great Eye of Sauron”.



Debris from Fomalhaut b?

Google search: 10/30


Where Is Planet X / Nibiru – Now Visible In Our Skies?

Two Suns In The Sky


“NASA have now confirmed a planet located 25 light years away. Just as implied by Nibiru conspiracy theories the planet, named Formalhaut b and three times the mass of Jupiter, is surrounded by a gigantic dust cloud which is the reason for it not showing up using infra-red imaging. Formalhaut b was actually discovered in 2008 but scientists were skeptical due to the fact that the planet didn’t leave an infra-red signature and that the planet’s orbit was too fast – they therefore claimed that it was a dust cloud.” …

Fomalhaut: A Crazy-Wide Triple Star

“Quick! Name the widest double star in the sky. If you chose Alpha Centauri and its faint, distant companion Proxima (separation 2.2°), you would have been correct … prior to 2013. That year, Eric Mamajek (University of Rochester) and his colleagues announced the discovery of Fomalhaut C, a companion star located a whopping 5.7° northwest of Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis Austrini) in a different constellation, Aquarius. ” …


Fomalhaut: ‘Eye of Sauron’ With A ‘Zombie Planet

Fomalhaut is a star in the Southern Hemisphere in the constellation Piscis Austrinus. At least one planet orbits this bright star: Fomalhaut b, which was dubbed a “zombie” planet by NASA after its 2005 discovery was debunked as gas, and then proven again in 2012.

Was Zecharia Sitchin right?

I spent yesterday camping at my lake.  It was the Jewish Holiday – Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement and I wanted to spend the day in meditation and in reverence with God and nature.

After the Trump /Clinton second debate, for once in a long time, I felt ‘hope’.  Maybe we DO have a presidential candidate in Mr. Trump, I thought.  At least he said what needed to be said and I felt a sense of vindication and relief that ‘WE’ the People might be getting our country back from the ‘cabal‘ …

However, as the day progressed, so did the air traffic, so much so that I had never seen that much traffic in the two years I have lived by this beautiful lake.  I actually was pondering the idea that Hillary and her ‘ilk’ are ‘getting out of dodge‘ while the time was still ripe, but it appears that the traffic was for other purposes.

imag0038I did not see, what appears to be ‘Sun dogs‘ until I viewed the images on my computer.

I have seen ‘Sun dogs‘ in photography and am familiar with the phenomena and this appears to be exactly that, which is described in the article I linked.  But what I find interesting is that the photos that the wiki uses are all recent photos, and check out the chemtrails in the photos!  Why would our government be spraying the heck out of our skies at the very time these ‘sun dogs’ appear?

One thing is for certain, there are chemicals in those trails, as this morning my lungs are on fire!

Pristine clear blue skies.Meditating at the lake for the Jewish Holiday - Day of Atonement.While the sky appears to be blue, in the distance I can see a cross in the sky.  It appears to be created by chemtrails. Approximately 3 PM CST and skies are being littered with chemtrails. First, what I consider, sundog. Major change in destination. Distant image at five o'clock Major chemtrailing

I believe this should be easy to ‘debunk’ one way or the other, as they appeared at 3 PM CST in the eastern sky.

Outgoing Obama Advisor John Podesta Has UFO Regrets

This reminds me of the wikileak of the email received by Podesta, regarding ETI – Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

The email, ‘Terribillionairs’ was traced to Terri Mansfield, who claims that the ETI are in concert with her and making their intentions known through her about giving humankind new energy technologies known as Zero Point. However, the ETI are concerned about ‘mans’ aggressiveness and states that we must not put nuclear weapons in space, which I believe they are.

“We educate humans about our work with our nonviolent obedient-to-God ETI, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, from the contiguous universe whose mission is to work with our scientists to bring zero point energy here for the purpose of extending life on our fragile Earth.”

And then we have the issue of ‘disclosure’ …

What if …?

For us to think that our Creator only created human beings as sentient beings, is a bit hubris as the universe is so large that it is beyond comprehension! I suspect that not only is there ETI, but several forms of it, as there are genetically several races of humans.

If one would like to learn more, I suggest the Zero Point series … Isn’t the name ‘ironic’? I believe everything has its purpose as the ‘play’ we are in evolves.

Was Sitchin right?

Genesis 6:4 (KJV)

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.



Godlikeproductions BAN of Ozark Granny

granny1Yes, I really am an Ozark Granny!

In 2006 I found, what has been termed as, a conspiracy forum called Godlikeproductions or GLP.  In 2016 I was banned from that ‘conspiracy forum’ … Talk about a CONSPIRACY!

While I have always been a rational and logical thinker, I had a gut feeling, since 9/11 that something was terribly wrong with our country. I figured the best way to understand was to start examining the conspiracy theories, as maybe there was some truth to them.

I have to say, I went down the rabbit hole; deeply.  I started sifting through information about the, unanswered, questions of 9/11.  It lead me to research Freemasonry and a plethora of other subjects.  Admittedly, some of the information was clearly ‘out there’. I had to learn to be discerning.  I am an adult, I do not need the nightly anchor man or woman to tell me what is going on in our world.  After all, who are they to tell me how to think, especially since they did not tell us the true news of 9/11.  I found there is way too much, creatable, information to accept the main stream version, especially when there was a potential that this was a manipulated event to benefit the ‘few’.

Amazingly, GLP had tens of thousands of posters.  It was not like in the beginning days of the Internet with .alt forums.  GLP took the .alt forums and put the topics in a user friendly format, much like Facebook has done, they have commercialised it, in a sense. Because now everyone can use the Internet. And because there were so many users, information flowed like the honey.  Some of it good, some silly, some wild, some nasty, some hateful.  But it is the human mind and spirit that will sift through the information to separate the wheat from chaff, to understand what is real or not.  As we are the only captains of our ship.

In 2008, when 0bama announced his candidacy, I became very concerned for America.  As I remember, from local news from our sister state of Illinois, the “senator from Kenya” … At that time, I knew enough about my U.S. Constitution to know that he could not be president, as he was foreign born.  As well during this time, our U.S. Senator, Claire McCaskill started her campaign as the talking head for 0bama.

During this time GLP, or rather the folks that make up GLP, helped me understand a lot of issues and gave me even MORE concern about this fellow.  0bama did not help, at all, by hiding information about his birth, education, background … you know, most things Americans get to know about their president!  GLP helped shed light on these issues.  My concern became grave as I started to realize that our nation had been deceived.

In 2010 I became so concerned I joined a group called Oath Keepers.  I am a U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam era veteran. I took an oath to defend our U.S. Constitution, as did most of its members.  We believe in our oaths, but we have to see the enemy to defend, as it is difficult fighting a, seemingly, invisible foe.  And the more I learned from Oath Keepers made me know that I did not know my U.S. Constitution, as I should, as any American should! I also served on the national forum as one of their moderators for the state of Missouri.  Through that association I learned of the National Liberty Alliance, and bookmarked it for later, constitution, study.  As I was still working during this time of my life, building the Internet, and did not have the time I needed to invest into this study. More about these groups later, as I was just giving background information.

I have never been one to menace words, and have always ‘questioned authority’.  It started at an early age, when girls were not allowed to wear pants to high school. I lived on a farm, and it snowed! Those darn mini-skirts were not meant for gals.  I was the first to be expelled for wearing pants to school!  But at least during this time I was getting an education, one that has not been diluted as our educational system is today. Which, I believe, is an ongoing assault on our children today!

But back to my GLP Ban …

I really started noticing the change of our AC during 2015.  For folks that are not familiar with GLP, an AC is someone that choose to interact anonymously, often called a coward.  Here is the funny issue, I was ashamed to tell folks I followed GLP, for fear of what one might think of me. But the fact was I was just sharing information, I could choose to believe or not in the topic.  Remember, I am an American adult, that had the very same common sense to serve her country, during a time when men were dodging the draft!

And just a note, GLP is not the first forum I have been ban from.  I have been ban from the Oath Keepers forum, where I was moderator for five years.  Even though I resigned, my membership was still paid.  But my first initial ban was from our local newspaper forum … which is now owned by Warren Buffet!


I am not aggressive, nor do I use foul language, I am there for the pure and unadulterated truth; only.  I understand forum etiquette, I am a former Marine I know protocol has been, literally, drilled into me! I have not given any reason to be ban from these forums.  In fact, at the time of my Oath Keeper ban, I was a paying member. In fact, at the time of my GLP ban, I was a paying member. At the time of my DailyJournal ban, I used my REAL NAME. So what is up with this? 


Granny has a hunch she knows!

We could really start seeing during the LaVoy Finicum murder.

The coverup of the LaVoy Finicum murder

On the GLP forum, if truth was stated regarding this event, we would get what we called as the ‘one-star’ bandits.  These folks trolled the threads anonymously and distorted the facts of the incidentIt was amazing how much pressure that they would apply to try to stop the flow of information!  This was so wrong, on so many levels as well as it was a clear heads up that there was a game at play. The murder of LaVoy was clearly motivated to get him to stop speaking about our Constitution and the unconstitutional theft of land! Those men that stood with him are still in prison today! And from what I have been reading are not getting fair and lawful treatment.  How can this be? What has happened to our nation and its ‘rule of law’? Maybe the Marine Corps brainwashed me, during those days at Parris Island, but I DO have an oath to the U.S. Constitution and to God. And so does EVERY veteran and active duty personnel.  And so does EVERY politician that was elected to represent us. And so does EVERY police officer.  So why aren’t these folks honoring their oaths? Has this evil usurped every patriot and group? And I call it evil, what else could it be? It turns ones oath to God away from God.

Back to the GLP ban …

Since January of this year, GLP has had ‘Trumpmania‘ … It truly was obnoxious, and I mean that in the most sincere way … OBNOXIOUS!

It seemed as if the LaVoy AC’s had found a new home and there was a new game at play. The game rules were to alienate the opposition of Trump, to make Trump appear as the hero; when in fact he is far from it!  And if one would voice the truth, they would be, literally, chastised.  Thus, the reason for the ban is that Granny ticked of the moderator known as ChipHe sent her threatening red karma, that was vial and I will not repeat, and banned me from the forum. I used the GLP email and sent a copy of the karma comment to Phennommennonn and I emailed This morning I am able to ‘see’ GLP as an AC and post as an AC, but it will not allow me to login to my account.  This is sad to me as I have folks that I really enjoy hearing their take on issues of not only what is going on in our world today, but spiritual issues; as well.

As I have come to learn it is an elaborate game, with many moving parts and, I believe, it has to do with the subversion and fall of our nation. It has to do with the take down of our Internet, partially and maybe.  I am not sure what Ted Cruz is up to, in regards to saving,the Internet … but I do know he has muddied the waters!

Senator Cruz and his Internet ‘doomsday’ clock

Here is the conspiracy theory to analyze is ‘social media’ manipulating opinion towards a specific agenda?

Please folks, I truly am an Ozark Granny, help me out and wake up as many folks as you can.  I am doing all I can do, including running for local office, we have to set our country back on its path, back on God’s path!

AND watch the ‘patriot’ themed groups you associate with, these darn shills are everywhere! I am not saying all are, nor am I including the membership … but maybe, and most likely, key roles.

I say this to Senator Cruz:

Don’t just save the Internet, save our Constitution!






This has been a tough day for me …

Me, yes I am Ozark Granny, who got kicked off of my favorite forum, Godlikeproductions, for no apparent reason; except the truth. However, at this time they have allowed my PAID account AC access.

But GLP was not the only one.  And I will get into that later as I organize my facts.  However, I just wanted to update, as I know folks are following this site.

I will share this information, in the meantime:

What Happens When one Loses Faith in their Country?

Be VERY careful folks, of those you trust, as some are not trustworthy!



What is WWW2?

NTIA – the National Telecommunications Information Agency was not much of an agency, until 2009.  In fact I recall hearing on more than one occasion it was simply a ‘shell’ organization.

Wiki tells us:

The NTIA administrator is Lawrence E. Strickling, Assistant Secretary of Commerce. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 25, 2009, following his nomination by President Barack Obama.

Among its stated goals are:

  • Working to ensure that all Americans have affordable phone and cable TV service.
  • Helping to bring the benefits of advanced telecommunications technologies to millions of Americans in rural and underserved urban areas through its information infrastructure grants.
  • Providing the hardware that enables public radio and television broadcasters to extend and maintain the reach of their programming.
  • Advocating competition and liberalization of telecommunications policies around the world.


A Park Service radio license.

  • Participating in international government-to-government negotiations to open markets for U.S. companies.
  • Negotiating with foreign governments to ensure adequate spectrum for national defense, public safety, and U.S. business needs.
  • Promoting efficient use of federal radio spectrum and encouraging the development and implementation of new and emerging telecommunications technologies.
  • Performing long-term research to explore uses of higher frequency spectrum.
  • Working with Federal, state, and local public safety agencies to address future spectrum requirements.

Keep this in mind when understanding the authority that the 0bama administration has given the NTIA, one of the funding arms of the SECONDARY network.

It was wildly floated around, during the time of the stimulus, that we were to create Net 2.0.  It seems it was created and NTIA tells us that just in their web address:

The www2 in a domain usually signifies a private network or Intranet.

The 2009 Jobs Creation Act aka Broadband Stimulus

2009In the latter part of 2008 our industry association, WISPA – Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, heard about the ‘stimulus’ coming down the pike.  We were told that they were allocating a big chunk of these monies to build-out rural America with broadband services.  Of course we were excited, as we had the only technology in America that, effectively and cost specifically, could build out America, especially rural areas!

Stimulus bill includes $7.2 billion for broadband

The FCC was touting our wireless technology as “More bang for the buck!” … I remember one fellow stating that these monies would so be so easy to obtain that we could “write our technical plan on a cocktail napkin and get an award, as they were so desperate for applications” …

Well, I was fortunate, as my company had already been surveying my neck of the woods. At that time, my business, St. Louis Broadband was only servicing business customers in St. Louis.  I was called about a year prior to see if I could provide service in one of the lake communities in St. Francois county, Missouri – My hometown and the Leadbelt.

This area has always been depressed and taken advantage of. Mining was a major part of this community, which has dried up and left its cancerous tailings behind.

Cancer in the LeadBelt

As well some of this area sits on mines and it is within the New Madrid Fault Zone.  Which makes one know that First Responders are going to need all the help they can get.

All the reasons presented to myself, I decided I had to participate.  I could deliver jobs, expand the 911 and bring broadband to rural America!

This was an exciting time in my life, speaking to communities about their needs, trips to Washington D.C., meeting politicians and heads .gov departments.  It is pretty scary to be put in front of the heads of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, et al, and NSA, FBI, FEMA … et al., and have to talk about one’s technology, I can say as a fact.!

The ‘project’ we were to build would encompass counties from St. Francois and south to Bollinger, then west to Texas and north to Washington county.  This was the majority of the Missouri 8th Congressional District, a large swath of land.

Because ‘jobs’ was one of the main agendas of the stimulus, We had to figure out how to create them.  Our project was going to cost millions of tax-payer dollars, and we had to be a good steward.  We came up with an idea, and a software vendor in Canada.  They created customer service applications.  They also helped to staff these customer service jobs, most were outsourced overseas, but they were going to bring 5,000 of these jobs back to the states.  We made and agreement to use their software for our network operations center – NOC.  They, in turn, were to give us a thousand of these jobs! Win-win!

We were also working with the 911 services, so that we might expand their wireless footprint.  We were including tower space for their equipment and even purchasing additional equipment for them.  In the southeast portion of Missouri, the 911 communications, during this time, did not exist in some communities.  This is very concerning as this area needs excellent communications because of the NMFZ.

We met with the county commissioners, as well, and got their input and support.

By the time we got everything on the drawing board, and it was a big job, the cost was getting close to $60MM.  But in consideration for what this was going to do and actually, build out this area, the price was … “more bang for the buck!”

Well … enter Missouri and Jay Nixon.  The states decided that they should have input on these monies and Jay Nixon started one of the biggest campaigns in the NATION!  He spent, unauthorized monies, to hire a Telco attorney for the State of Missouri.  He then created an organization called MOBroadbandNOW! 

They were organizing networks that were going to interconnect in Missouri and creating, what we thought, was  a fair and ethical forum, but in fact what I believe to be part of the ‘secondary’ network, that I believe will be used to take down our primary network, our Internet that you and I connect to.  We will get to that …

To participate with the state meant that we had to first turn in our application to them, prior to the feds.  We had to agree that the state could OWN our information, once handed in.  I did not like this, as this was not their intellectual property, but I also had a duty to the folks in the MO8th to bring them jobs and broadband.  Reluctantly, we submitted.  The state chose not to support our application.  However, of one of the wireless applications that was chosen, they used, what appeared to be our tower configuration!

One of the counties in our coverage was Iron county.  Iron county boasts one of the highest points in Missouri.  We had planned on using wind turbines for battery backup.  The silly fellow that used this design used it in an area that had no wind, as he was in the Bootheel!

Well after that fiasco and learning ‘their’ discriminating process, then came round two!

Because there were so few participants the NTIA and USDA had lots of USD still in the basket.  And here comes Gov Nixon, asking us to AGAIN submit a plan to them.  So again, I looked to the folks in my area and felt the obligation.  As well, this would be life changing to me, personally, as I was a single mom.  So again to the drawing board.

It was during the second round that I found the software vendor and snagged those jobs, so I felt pretty good about our application.  But I was concerned about the state, as I knew their shenanigans they pulled on us during the first round … so I did not disclose all, especially on our jobs.

Big River Telephone aka Big River Broadband had participated in the first round with the state and been selected by the state as a partner.  We did not give them much consideration, as the wireless technology that they were to use was inferior to ours, and much more costly.  As well as the fact that this company, at that time, had very little wireless experience.  They were basically a reseller of AT&T wholesale.  But they did own license in a specific frequency that they planned on building out in.  Several WISPs and I discussed these licenses, in this geo-specific, area and scratched our heads …

We submitted our plan and jobs numbers to the state.  Amazingly Big River Broadband matched our jobs numbers and a few more.  I believe, in the first round, their numbers were around 140.  While the cost of their project changed by very little their jobs jumped to 1,370!  Good ole MOBrodbandNow!  And of course Big River Broadband received the award.

To date Big River has failed to deliver these jobs, in fact, according to their most recent filing, they have created <100.  As well, part of the requirement to be awarded these monies was to serve and area that did NOT have service.  They expand in large communities, most likely stating they are not using tax-payer dollars for, but using their other corporation Big River Telephone.  I don’t know their paper trail, but I do know there is a lack of oversight and pubic disclosure.

I don’t know if all of the broadband stimulus monies met the same issues that we did, here in the MO8th … All I know is that it was a very corrupt program in Missouri that leads me to question the September 30th deadline, 0bama has created to hand our Internet over to the U.N.

I also do not understand how the NTIA has now become the lead agency representing the U.S. within ICANN.  Nor how ICANN has created a sublayer called IANA.  Up until 2009 the NTIA was a ‘shell’ organization, is what I recall hearing.  The two funding arms of the broadband stimulus was the USDA, for rural areas, and the NTIA for populous.   But more on that later, as I have to sift through my old notes … Yes I am a geek, I have terabytes!






The Conspiracy Theory: Is the U.N. going to take over the Internet on September 30th?

wwwMy name is Tori Proffer and I am a retired ISP – Internet Service Provider.  I am considered one of the first woman ISPs.  I spent 22 years in the Internet industry and now I analyze what has happened to our country and my local area politics, since my distraction.

About the Publisher

We have recently heard the news of the 0bama admin moving ICANN – the folks intrusted of handling the domain space of our, made in the U.S.A., Internet, to the U.N.

When I was researching this topic, in regards to our First Amendment, I did so on my campaign web site.  I am running for my local Missouri House District.  I am running for local office, because I believe our country is in big trouble and the only way to fix it is on the local level/state.

On August 29th I published the below article, as I believed the ICANN transfer to the U.N. to be, potentially, about our right of free speech; as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.

The answer to the U.N. takeover of the Internet is the .US!

However, the issue became more complicated when an ISP by the name of JP Morgan visited my obscure website, before Google had a chance to index for search engines!

I had a visit from JPMorgan … Imagine that!

This was a big ‘heads up‘ to me!

First, let me be clear, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do have some pretty good discernment, as I have been on the Internet since 1993.  This is way before there was social media, just basically bulletin board service and .alt forums.  I was part of the first global communications that our world has had!  It was an amazing adventure!

Out of the conversations pictures of our real world started growing in one’s mind, and it was not the same world that is represented to us by our government, nor our media. Anyone that gave them any credit, or examined them was, derogatorily, labeled a conspiracy theorist … rather than, what they truly were, an analyst!

“I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am a conspiracy analyst” ~Gore Vidal

I believe that I have ‘stepped‘ into one of the biggest, potential, conspiracies of all times!  I don’t know how else to explain the information that I am about to present.  As well I realize, if in fact true, that I am putting myself into harm’s way.  But the fact is, I am a Marine Corps – Vietnam era, veteran. I have an oath of service and one that is made to God to protect and defend our U.S. Constitution.  I have to live by that oath and have no other option, especially if there is a ‘hidden‘ agenda to usurp our U.S. Constitution.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” ~J. Edgar Hoover

To exacerbate matters, Senator Ted Cruz created an ‘Internet’ Doomsday Clock, the issue is that Sen. Cruz is stating that the Internet is being transferred to the folks that are ALREADY in control of the Internet – ICANN!

Senator Cruz and his Internet ‘doomsday’ clock

He ‘claims‘ this group – ICANN, which already has control of the Internet, consists of 162 foreign countries.  There are 192 United Nations (UN) member states … 193 including the U.S. It would not be the first time a politician has gotten his numbers wrong, but it is an interesting statement.

Earlier this week, I called Senator Cruz’s office in Texas and told them their error, it has yet to be fixed.

On 9/8 I sent ICANN the below email. They have not responded, but they did send a receipt of this communication to me:

“Subject: ICANN DNS Transfer
I am a former ISP.  I started my career building Internets in 1993 and am considered one of the first woman ISPs. And because of this I consider myself a ‘stakeholder’ of ‘Intellectual Property Rights’.  After all, there were no college courses in those days, just trial and error and finally some O’Reily books.

I am concerned about the transfer of ICANN to U.N. authority (as described by the WSJ 8/28 article, An Internet Giveaway to the U.N.).  I am wondering, as
are other network administrators, how these root zone files are going to be transferred.  Is this a hardware event, or simply authoritative control issue?

Thank you in advance.”

Be aware, that I am not yet up to speed on the IANA Stewardship agreement.  However it is being managed by NTIA – National Telecommunications & Information Agency.

The NTIA was a partial administrator of the

Stimulus bill includes $7.2 billion for broadband

Ironically, in 2009, my company participated in this project for our local community.  It left several unanswered questions, especially with who received the awards in our area and the lack of oversight, and the lack of job creation; which was the reason stated for the monies. But more about that later.

I have created this website to examine the, potential, U.N. take-over of the Internet, which I believe that I am a ‘stakeholder‘ of the ‘intellectual property‘ known as the Internet, as I am considered an Internet pioneer, and one of the first woman Internet Service Providers!

I have also created this site to move the web-traffic off of my ‘campaign site’, as it seems that the traffic is not limited to my district.


If I am wrong about my analysis, I will wear a tinfoil hat to all the social media outlets I visit! If I am right, we had better get ready for SEPTEMBER 30TH!

I have also created a Facebook discussion group. Description: “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
~J. Edgar Hoover
Conspiracy Theorists are demonized because of this very reason. When in fact the Conspiracy Theorist is not a ‘theorist’ at all, but more an analyst of a theory!
I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, I am a Conspiracy Analyst ~Gore Vidal
People, for years, have had an unsettling feeling in America, as something is not right. Especially after 9/11/2001 when serious questions were ignored by our government. And today, things seem to be rushing towards a global government, or a New World Order. It seems that the United Nations has been selected as the leader in the usurpation of our Constitution. If this is true, how could this be?
Don’t we owe it to our children to examine the possibilities that, somehow, our nation has been usurped from “WE” the People!
This group will examine this possibility, as well as current events.

Conspiracy Theorists are demonized because of this very reason. When in fact the Conspiracy Theorist is not a ‘theorist’ at all, but more an ‘analyst‘.
This group will examine this possibility, as well as current events.”

I will also post to one of my favorite ‘Conspiracy’ forums – – GLP.

GLP makes this disclaimer to the user:


The reader is responsible for discerning the validity, factuality or implications of information posted here, be it fictional or based on real events. Moderators on this forum make every effort to review the material posted on this site however, it is not realistically possible for our small staff to manually review each and every one of the more than 20,000 posts GodlikeProductions gets on a daily basis.

The content of posts on this site, including but not limited to links to other web sites, are the expressed opinion of the original poster and are in no way representative of or endorsed by the owners or administration of this website. The posts on this website are the opinion of the specific author and are not statements of advice, opinion, or factual information on behalf of the owner or administration of GodlikeProductions. This site may contain adult language, if you feel you might be offended by such content, you should log off immediately…”

Because GLP has a high rate of visitors, there is a lot of information disseminated. And they make it clear, it is the reader’s responsibility to sift the wheat from the chaff … As it is the same responsibility for the reader of this site.

Here is a link to that thread that was started 8/30 – ARE THEY GOING TO CRASH THE INTERNET?

According to Ted Cruz’s ‘Doomsday’ clock, if I am right, we only have a handful of days left for ‘Freedom’ of Speech!

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Let’s face reality, if the head of the FBI is afraid of arresting Hillary Clinton, for fear it will take down our nation … something is wrong!